about me

I’m a thinker, an analyzer, a dreamer and a believer.
I believe I am who I am because of my environment and my experiences.
I am a laugher. There’s a difficult task-I’ll laugh first, then throw my heart into accomplishing it. There’s an uncomfortable situation- I’ll make others laugh. I believe that laughing can be the simplest answer to many of life’s strange dilemmas.
I am also what Malcolm Gladwell described in The Tipping Point as a Connector. Others call it a People Person. I simply say I love building relationships. I find people fascinating, their stories, their interests, their talents and shortcomings. This original interest in people is what drove me to study advertising. I wanted to be the one who connects the people to the ideas and the ideas to the people.
I am passionate about travel, journalism, fashion, advertising, education, sports and human development. If I had to choose which one would get the biggest hug, it would be human development. The others wouldn’t exist without it.
I have a good amount of traveling under my belt, but my favorite two places on earth are California and Oregon. I have just as strong of a love for my hometown of Manhattan Beach as I do for the University of Oregon and all the Oregonians that crossed my path during my time there.
I believe there is no end to the depth in human beings and their natural capacity to love or change a life, and I believe strongly that a life is made up of experiences and it’s up to us to make what we can of them.
I love meeting new people so wether your an old friend,  possible friend, employer or life thinker please feel free to email me.

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